Door Phone Intercoms That Connects To Any PBX system (Analogue, IP or Cloud)

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Tough Fully Sealed Weatherproof Designs
Industry Leading Audio Quality & Volume
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Choose the Intercom suitable for your Requirements
and then
Select an Intercom Controller to complete your solution.


     Use Model DS5                                                          Use Model DS-SIP 

for Any Analogue PBX Connection                                  for Any SIP PBX Connection
(ATA, FXS, or Analogue)                                                (Any IP or Cloud PBX)

Only 4 Wires are required to Connect either Controller to the Intercom 
Only 2
 Wires are required if Power is Present near the Intercom

Both Controllers provide Control of 1 or 2 Electric Locks or Gates via Touch Tones




PBX Operation Options



Our New  DS5+ and DS6+ Model DOOR STATION controllers are designed to connect to an Analogue Extension or FXS Port of your PBX or other multi-line telephone system.

You can then connect ONE or TWO of our range of surface mount or flush mount DOOR PHONES direct to the controller. The door phones can be up to 300 metres from the door station controller (the total distance of 1 or 2 door phones).

When the call button of either door phone is activated, our DS5+ unit will generate an off hook condition to your PBX, which can then direct your door phone call as required. (The PBX should be set to HOT DIAL this Extension or FXS port).

Our Alternative Model DS6+ can DIAL a pre-programmed internal or external number, if your PBX cannot Hot Dial. The door station controller will then terminate the call as soon as the called party hangs up. Communication is loud and clear, just like a phone call and there are NO call charges, unless the call is routed to an external number.

Models DS5+ and DS6+ provides two internal relays which can be used to open locks in two separate areas (eg; a Pedestrian Gate and/or a Vehicle Sliding Gater), which can be controlled Any Time by pressing ** (lock 1) or *2 (lock 2). Both Relays/Gates can be programmed with their own individual OPEN times. The second relay can alternatively be used to SWITCH ON a light, a video camera/ recorder or any other electrical device as soon as the call button is pressed on the door phone and then SWITCH THEM OFF after the call is complete.


Model DS5 Controller with Model DP2 Door Phone Intercom






Connect Direct to ANY Network point as a SIP Extension


For IP PBX systems, you can now use our NEW Direct SIP Connect Intercom Controller with the supplied easy set up software.

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For more information

Call the Manufacturer Direct on (07) 5596 5128

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Why Use a Two Part Intercom Solution ?  Because One Size does not fit ALL

A Two Part Solution has MANY Advantages :

  • You can Change the Controller at any time in the future if your needs change. There is no need to change the Intercom.
  • You can Change the Intercom at any time in the future if your needs change. There is no need to change the Controller.
  • The Controller connects inside your Office, away from the weather, ensuring Long Term Reliability.
  • As the Controler is inside, you can also have any Door or Gate Power Suppliers inside as well, conveniently located next to the Controller
  • Although our Intercoms are Highly Weatherproof, devices Outside in the weather will not last as long.
  • Our Intercoms require only 4 wires (All Models - Including DS-SIP) and they can use your existing Intercom wiring.
  • Our Intercoms require only 2 wires (All Models - Including DS-SIP) if power is available near the Intercom. .
  • An Amplifier built Inside each Intercom meand they can be placed  300-1000 Metres from your Office (depending on model).

It makes sense doesnt it!



     To DOWNLOAD a copy of our DS5+ User Guide please  Click Here  

     To DOWNLOAD a copy of our DS6+ User Guide please  Click Here  

     To DOWNLOAD a copy of our DS-SIP User Guide please  Click Here  


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DS-SIP - SIP Connect PBX Controller for AN...

AU $399.00

Our DS-SIP Controller is designed to connect to any Network Point and also one of our FOUR Door Phone Intercoms, using just 4  wires (or 2 wires using local  9-12VDC) up to 500 Metres away.

B0000A49AE.01-A293Q5VQLXBUWR._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg DS1 Model - Residential Controller for ANY...

AU $249.00

Model DS1 is our Door Station Controller WITHOUT Lock Control. Controller for ANY NATCOMM Intercom

B0000A49AE.01-A293Q5VQLXBUWR._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg DS2 Model - Residential Controller for ANY...

AU $299.00

Model DS2 is our Door Station Controller WITH DTMF Lock Control. Controller for ANY NATCOMM Intercom

B00080LZTW.01-A36AI0EKD09QFT._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg DS5 Model - Analogue PBX Controller for AN...

AU $299.00

Model DS5 is our Door Station Controller for use with a PBX Extension, FXS port or ATA. It HAS DTMF Lock Control. Controller for ANY NATCOMM Intercom

Door Station Control Unit 6 DS6 Model - PBX Dial Out Controller for AN...

AU $399.00

Model DS6 is our Door Station Controller WITH DIAL OUT and DUAL DTMF Lock Control. Controller for ANY NATCOMM Intercom