AAD : Automatic Announcement Device


Automatic Announcement Device
Automatic  Call Attendant Device


Our AAD Automatic Announcement Device is designed to answer incoming telephone calls and play a High Quality Message Announcement to your callers.  After playing a Message, AAD can then :


  • Hang Up

  • Re-Ring the Telephone Line so that you can take the call


This device is ideal for applications such as:

  • Providing telephone line information services

  • Advising callers that their call may be recorded before their call is connected

  • Advising callers of a new telephone number before their call is connected

  • Providing after hours announcements and information


AAD incorporates our popular MP3 based Digital Message Centre technology, which provides for high quality Message Announcements. 

AAD uses a supplied 2GB SD Flash Card to store its message, allowing for quick and easy Message change.


Single Line Installation 

AAD can be connected to ANY Telephone socket on your line.

AAD has a Telephone Line Input port (for connection to ANY Telephone Socket)) and a Telephone Line Output port for connection of your Telephones or a Cordless Phone Base Station.

AAD Installation Diagram for a Telephone Line

                                                                  Any Telephone Extension


PBX Line Installation 


AAD can also be connected to ANY Incoming PSTN Telephone line which connects to a PABX, so that it can Answer all calls first, play an Announcement message, and then Ring the PABX System.

In this application, you will need to have a separate AAD fitted to each Telephone Line that requires the Pre-Answer Announcement Message.

AAD has a Telephone Line Input port (for the incoming PSTN Telephone Line) and a Telephone Line Output port for the PABX.




DMC Encryption PC Software


Our AAD devices can be supplied with our unique Encryption facility at no extra charge.

Our Encryption facility is designed to protect your MP3 productions from unauthorised use, editing or copying. 

Encryption is a NO CHARGE option on all Natcomm Digital Audio devices.

Using Encryption is quick and easy. All you need to do is encrypt your MP3 files using our supplied Encryption program, which takes just a few seconds.

You can Encrypt a single file, or a complete folder of files with a single action. Once your file is encrypted, it cannot be opened, altered or used in any device other than a Natcomm unit which is configured for Encryption.

Similarly, our Encryption devices cannot play standard MP3 files or any file other than those encrypted with our program.

The same Encryption program is used for ALL of our products ensuring standardisation of the processes.





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