Control Your Equipment By Telephone Line

Relay Control Unit

Intelligent DTMF Controlled Relay Units

for Single Device Control, Dual Device or Access Control applications

It can be used on ANY of the following Telephone Line Connections :


*  PSTN Lines    PBX Analog Extensions   FXO Ports   *   FXS Ports    * ATA Output   * Cellular Gateway Output   *  A dedicated Access Control Line

 NEW MODEL - Our new RCU-SIP Model is designed for direct connection to ANY Network, IP or Cloud Point

RCU will allow you to remotely control one or two electrical devices by dialing an Extension or Phone Number and entering a user set DTMF code.
With RCU you can Open a Gate or Door, or with the correct Accessories you can Turn On or Off a Light, or Reset a PC or Server.
You can also use Multiple RCU units together to control Multiple Devices or set up sophisticated Access Control applications.
There are Two Models, which can be used individually or in any combination :
• Model RCU1 – Has a Single Dry Contact Relay (rated at 1A) that can be programmed to respond to any 1-4 digit DTMF Code and which can be programmed to Toggle On/Off or Close for a period of 01-99 seconds.
 Model RCU2 – Has Two Dry Contact Relays (rated at 1A) each of which can be programmed with its own Code and Relay Closure time.
Application Example 1
A simple application would to connect an RCU1 to an Analog Extension and program the Relay1 to respond to the DTMF code 11. The closure time of the relay can then be set to 15 seconds.
Then to Open an Electric Door, the user would just dial the extension number to which RCU1 is connected and then when RCU1 answers, they would press 11
Application Example 2 
A more complex application would to be to ADD another RCU to this same line, connected in parallel.  In this example an additional RCU2 is used, which has 2 separate Relays, each which can have its own DTMF activation Code and Relay Closure time. Relay 1 has been programmed for DTMF 22 and its relay will for 30 seconds. Relay 2 has been programmed for DTMF 33 and its relay is programmed to close for just 2 seconds, for a momentary closure.
Now a user can dial the same extension number, wait for RCU to Answer (all will answer) and then press 22 to allow access to a specific Elevator Floor (for up to 30 seconds) or press 33 to Open a Boom Gate.
Other Applications 
For even more Complex Applications, Multiple RCU’s (any combinations of RCU1’s and RCU2’s) can be connected to the same Telephone Extension (or line) and every relay can be programmed with its own unique code and relay closure time.
Then a user can call the extension number and either dial an individual relay code, or even enter a number sequence where several codes are dialled to command multiple relays to respond.
For example pressing 12345, could control 5 separate relays, each controlling its own device or access. DTMF 51423 could be dialled to achieve the same result, as each RCU relay can be set to only look for its own unique code in a sequence.

Power Control Unit Model PCU1 - NORMALLY O...

AU $99.00

Model PCU1 is a NORMALLY ON  Power Control Unit for 240VAC appliances. It is a direct 'Plug In' Accessory for use with our RCU1 and RTA Telephone Line DTMF Controlled Relay Switches.


Power Control Unit Model PCU2 - NORMALLY O...

AU $99.00

Model PCU2 is a NORMALLY OFF  Power Control Unit for 240VAC appliances. It is a direct 'Plug In' Accessory for use with our RCU1 and RTA Telephone Line DTMF Controlled Relay Switches.