A High Quality Flexible Intercom that rings your home telephones or cell phone


Choose an  INTERCOM SOLUTION  to meet YOUR needs

Total  SOLUTIONS  from under $ A 400.00


Professional Quality - Superb Audio Volume and Clarity - Weatherproof Designs - Two Year Warranty - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee





1. Choose an INTERCOM to meet your needs


Model DP2  ($AU 199.00)              Model DP3  ($AU 199.00)          Model DP5  ($AU 399.00)

                                                                 Premium Model                         Large Plate No Camera            With PIN Lock Keypad


All Intercoms :

  • Have a Strong High Quality Stainless Steel Fascia to provide for a Premium Appearance

  • Touch Switch Technology to prevent water ingress or sticking switches. This not only provides a very modern experience, but also provides for Extreme Reliability

  • Blue LED Night Illumination highlight the Call Switch for After Hours visitors

  • White LED Night Illumination Illuminates the Numeric Keys on the DP5 Intercom which provides for Pin Code Gate or Door Access

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2. Then choose an INTERCOM CONTROLLER to meet your needs




Ring your Internal Phones - Cell phones - Tablets - PC or Any Combination

Open 1 or 2 Locks or Gates from your Telephone, Cell Phone, PC or Tablet


These DOOR STATION controllers are designed to operate with your ordinary (residential type) PSTN telephone line. They are also suitable for sites that do not use a telephone line, such as VOIP users or households that only use Cellular Phones.

ONE or TWO of our Intercoms can be connected direct to ANY DS1, DS2 or DS3 Controller. The Intercoms can be up to 300  yards from the door station controller. 

When a visitor presses the call button on the door phone, our :

Model DS1 Door Station controller will RING all the TELEPHONES on your line, with a different ring, so that you will know the call is from the DOOR PHONE. All you need to do is to answer any telephone to achieve loud and clear communication with your visitor. There are no call charges. Just Hang Up when the Intercom call is completed.

If you need to Open a Door or Gate during the Intercom Call, or at any other time, use our Model DS2 Controller. 

If you need to Divert the Intercom Call to your Cell Phone, or  you need to Open TWO Doors or Gates, or you want to instruct your Home Automation System that you have an Intercom Call, use our Model DS3 Controller.

Model DS2 incorporates an internal relay which can be used to open or release a door or gate lock. Lock release time is fully programmable.

Also, If you are already on a telephone call, our Model DS2 and DS3 controllers will alert you with a call advise tone every 15 seconds. You can then place your telephone call ON HOLD and speak to your visitor by pressing ##. You can then return to your telephone caller when ready by pressing ## again. Similarly, if you are on a door phone call when an incoming telephone call is present the same procedure applies.

Model DS3  has the ability to DIAL OUT to your mobile phone (or any other programmed telephone number) when you are not home and connect you to your visitor at the door phone (normal call charges apply). You will then be able to converse with your visitor and even let them in if you wish.


Model DS3 also provides two internal relays which can be used to open locks in two separate areas (eg; one at your front gate and one at your front door). The second relay in both these models can alternatively be used to SWITCH ON a light, a video camera/recorder or any other electrical device as soon as the call button is pressed on the door phone and then SWITCH THEM OFF after the call is complete.If you have a SECURITY ALARM or HOME AUTOMATION system, you can use the second relay of model DS3 to interface to it and with suitable equipment you can even have a photo or streaming video of your visitors sent to your smart phone.



Installation Overview

1. When using our devices with Telephones not connected to a Telephone Line, you may be able to install our devices yourself, or use any suitable technician. You can use a set of Cordless Phones as a convenient set of Dedicated Intercom Door Phones, providing exceptional convenience and cost savings.

2. If you are using just ONE telephone Socket at your site (with an Active Telephone Line), which is now common for users of Cordless Phones (with 1 or more handsets), you may be able to install our devices yourself, or use any suitable technician.

 If you are not planning to use 1 or 2 Electric Locks on 1 or 2 Doors or Gates, then the installation of our Door Phone solutions is best carried out by an approved Electrician, Telephone,  Security or Home Automation technician.

Call or email info@natcomm.com.au for details of your nearest installer




1. Connect your INTERCOM CONTROLLER to ANY Telephone Socket in your home

2. Connect your Telephones

3. Connect your DOOR PHONE INTERCOM to the Conntroller using just 4 wires to Any NATCOMM Door Phone Intercom.
    Your Door Phone Intercom can be up to 300 metres away. You can use standard CAT3 or CAT 5 Telephone Cable



Do You Need to Open 1 or 2 Doors or Gates by Telephone ?  

No Problem. Use our Model DS2 or DS3 Controller.



4. Connect One Leg of your Lock Power Supply to our Supplied Screw Terminal Connection Box.
    The Connection box connects the power to a Dry Relay Contact inside Models DS2 or DS3


5. You can open One (Model DS2) or Two (Model DS3) Lock Zones with DTMF Commands from your Internal Telephones





Dont use a Telephone Landline ?   No Problem
You can also Operate our Solution WITHOUT a Telephone Line Input
 Use our Model DS1 or DS2 Controller. 


Our Controllers DO NOT NEED to be connected to a Telephone Line to Operate

                They will still RING all Telephones Connected to the Controller and allow you to communicate with your visitors

                With our Products, you do not need to use Expensive and Inflexible Dedicated Intercom Handsets

                Use Cordless Telephones for Maximum Flexibility




For more information

Call the Manufacturer Direct on (07) 5596 5128

Or for the Contact Details of a Professional Installer in Your Area



Why Use a Two Part Intercom Solution ?  Because One Size does not fit ALL

A Two Part Solution has MANY Advantages :

  • You can Change the Controller at any time in the future if your needs change. There is no need to change the Intercom.
  • You can Change the Intercom at any time in the future if your needs change. There is no need to change the Controller.
  • The Controller connects inside your home, away from the weather, ensuring Long Term Reliability.
  • As the Controler is inside, you can also have any Door or Gate Power Suppliers inside as well, conveniently located next to the Controller
  • Although our Intercoms are Highly Weatherproof, devices Outside in the weather will not last as long.
  • Our Intercoms only 4 wires (All Models) and they can use your existing Intercom wiring.
  • An Amplifier Inside each Intercom they can be placed up to 300-500 Metres from your house (depending on model).

It makes sense doesnt it!



                    To DOWNLOAD a copy of our DOOR STATION CATALOGUE please  Click Here  


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DS-SIP - SIP Connect PBX Controller for AN...

AU $399.00

Our DS-SIP Controller is designed to connect to any Network Point and also one of our FOUR Door Phone Intercoms, using just 4  wires (or 2 wires using local  9-12VDC) up to 500 Metres away.

DS-SIP for Home Use

AU $399.00

Our DS-SIP Controller is designed to connect connect to any Network Point in your home. It will then connect to a 3rd Party 'Cloud' service provider, which for $4 per month will connect the attached NATCOMM Intercom to a Cell Phone via its Phone Number or if preferred an iOs or Android application downloaded on your Cell Phone. 



B0000A49AE.01-A293Q5VQLXBUWR._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg DS1 Model - Residential Controller for ANY...

AU $249.00

Model DS1 is our Door Station Controller WITHOUT Lock Control. Controller for ANY NATCOMM Intercom

B0000A49AE.01-A293Q5VQLXBUWR._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg DS2 Model - Residential Controller for ANY...

AU $299.00

Model DS2 is our Door Station Controller WITH DTMF Lock Control. Controller for ANY NATCOMM Intercom

DS3 Model - Dial Out to Cell Phone Control...

AU $399.00

Model DS3 is our Door Station Controller WITH DIAL OUT and DUAL DTMF Lock Control. Controller for ANY NATCOMM Intercom.