PA-SIP : Direct IP Connect PBX Paging Switch


Direct SIP Connect PBX Paging Switch

With Anti-Pop and Digital Volume Adjust

Accessory for an IP Based PBX or IP Network


Will allow you to make Paging Announcements

from any Handset on any IP based PBX

Solution : Connection to a Public Address (PA) System from  :

  • ANY IP based PBX system

  • Can be used with Cloud based PBX systems

  • Compliant with 3CX and most other Cloud PBX systems

  • Can be used for Remote Sites


  • Easy 'Plug In' Installation

  • Easy 'IP Set Up' using the supplied Windows Based Setup Program

  • Cost Effective and Easy to Use

  • Can be used will ALL popular Cloud PBX's from Broadsoft, 3CX, RingCentral and more.

  • Two Year Warranty

Making announcements over a PA System from a PBX handset is an extremely important business tool. However, not all PBX systems have the ability to do this or the cost of fitting this option to a PBX can be quite expensive. In particular, many new IP based PBX solutions do not provide for Paging facilities.

Our PA Switches are designed to solve these problems, because they can be used with ANY PBX solution and they are extremely cost effective.

Our PA Switches are designed to allow a Public Address (PA) system to be connected to any PBX system, so that Announcements can be made from ANY Telephone Extension at ANY time.





                                                       with Supplied PC Software



1. PA-SIP should be connected direct to Any Network Point or direct to an IP Switch, Router or even the IP Modem.

2.  Connect PA-SIP to your Amplifier 'Line In' port, using the supplied RCA cable.

3. Connect the supplied 12VDC Power Adaptor. 

4. PA-SIP will automatically connect to the Network via DHCP (you can then change to Static IP if you like).

5. Load and Run the supplied Windows Installation Software on any PC on the same Network (Windows 7 or later).


This program will automatically :

  • Display the IP Address, Gateway Address, Subnetmask and MAC address of the PA-SIP device. 
  • Provide you with a Setup Wizard (see below) where you can : 
    - Enter the PBX Extension Number assigned to PA-SIP by your PBX Administrator. 
    - Allow Automatic Registration with the PBX Server.
    - Allow you to set up a Static IP Address if you wish.
    - Change the Port Number from the default setting of 5060 (if required).
    - Change the allowed Audio Codecs from the default setting of 5060 (if required).
    - Change all other settings associated with SIP communication.


Extra Features

  • LOW VOLUME : Some Paging Amplifiers require a higher or lower Audio Signal Input than is provided by the PBX Telephone System. PA-SIP provides for Digital Adjustment of the Output Signal (-12dB to +18dB)

  • AMPLIFIER POP : Some Paging Amplifiers produce a 'POP' over the Paging Speakers as soon as the Telephone Line Voltage present on a PBX Extension is connected and disconnected to it. PA-SIP has Integrated Anti-Pop Circuitry

ALTERNATIVE MODEL  - for Analog Extension or FXS Port connection


Model PA2+ - is designed for Direct Connection to an Analogue port, FXS port, ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor) or a PSTN line.


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User Guides

 Our User Guides contains additional detailed information :

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our PA2+ USER GUIDE - Click Here

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our PA-SIP USER GUIDE - Click Here




You can DOWNLOAD our NATCOMM-SIP Set Up Program by 'clicking' the  following link:                                         

                                          The NATCOMM IP Device setup Program


PA-SIP : Direct IP Connect PBX Paging Switch


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