Privacy Switch



Use it on PSTN Lines, PBX Lines, PBX Extensions

or even the Analog Output from FXO, FXS or ATA IP Devices

  • Privacy Switch is designed to allow Two or More Devices to Share a Telephone Line
  • Telephone Devices can be Connected to Different Sockets or even a PBX
  • Barge In Protection prevents One Device accessing the Line when the Another device is on the line

  • Ideal for a Dial Out only telephone devices SHARING a little used existing telephone line


Features and Benefits

  • Share  a little used Telephone Line to save Money

  • Save unnecessary telephone rental and installation costs for a new Telephone Line connection

  • Exclusion facility prevents Barge-In by one device on the other

  • Operation of the Primary Telephone Device on the Telephone Line is unaffected

  • Accessory Telephone device can only access the telephone line when it is not in use

  • Inexpensive - Easy 'Plug In' Installation (except PBX Installations)

  • Two Year Warranty

Multiple Uses and Applications 

  • Share One or More Outgoing Only Telephone Devices on an Analog PBX Line Input

  • Share One or More Outgoing Only Telephone Devices on a Analog PBX Extension

  • Share One or More Outgoing Only Telephone Devices on an FXO, FXS or ATA Analog Output

  • Share Two Fax Devices on the Same Line, such as Fax Server and a Standard Fax

  • Operate a Dial Out Modem on a Fax line or a PABX line

  • Share and Operate a Pay Phone on a Fax line or a PABX line

  • Provides Barge In Protection for All Devices connected to a Privacy Switch


Description & Operation

Privacy Switch has been designed to allow an OUTGOING ONLY telephone device to share an existing Voice, Fax or PBX line. This will save the installation and rental costs associated with operating a separate telephone line.

Privacy Switch will ensure that the PRIMARY DEVICE, such as a Fax Machine or PBX will be unaffected.

The Primary Device will continue to be able to Receive Calls and Make calls as normal.

The Accessory Device will only be able to make OUTGOING Calls when the telephone line is not in use.

An EXCLUSION FACILITY is provided to ensure that the attached devices cannot interfere (Barge-In) with each other, if the telephone line is in use. In this situation, the other device will not be able to access the line until it is free.




For EFT-POS users, a separate product is provided for using an EFT-POS device on an existing Voice, Fax or PBX line. Our EFT-POS Switch, which is supplied at the same price, has special modifications that are important for EFT-POS applications. Click for details here EFT-POS Switch

 For EMERGENCY DEVICE APPLICATIONS, where an EMERGENCY DEVICE must take over any Line it is connected too, even when the Line is in use by another device, use our PRIORITY SWITCH device.  


Multiple Installation Options


1.  Single Socket Installation (User Installation)

  1. Remove all devices from the Telephone socket to be used.

  2. Using a telephone line cable, connect Privacy Switch direct to your Telephone Socket.

  3. Using the supplied cable, connect your Accessory Device (Dial Out Device) to the Device A port of Privacy Switch.

  4. Using the other supplied cable, connect your Main Device (Fax Machine or the device which Receives calls) to the Device B port of of Privacy Switch.

  5. Connect the supplied 12V plug pack to POWER and installation is complete.




2.  PBX Installation (Technician Required)

Please Note : Installation on a PBX System must be carried out by a telephone technician.


3.  Multiple Units on the Same Socket Installation  (User Installation)




4.  Multiple Units on the Multiple Sockets Installation  (User Installation)



User Guides

 Our User Guides contains additional detailed information :

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our Privacy Switch USER GUIDE  -  Click Here

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our EFT-POS Switch USER GUIDE -  Click Here




Privacy Switch

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