Priority Switch



For Emergency Dialing Devices which share a Telephone Line

Can be used on a Single Line or PBX Line



It is ideal for : 

Emergency Phones Elevator Phones Intercom Phones * Alarm Systems *

EFT-POS machines or *Any other Telephone Device that needs Priority  



  • PRIORITY Device always has access to the line to Dial Out
  • Normal Device will be Automatically Disconnected from the Line whenever the PRIORITY Device needs the line to dial
  • BARGE IN Protection is provided to ensure that the Normal Device can never interupt the Priority Device
  • PRIORITY Device is connected to the line should Power be disconnected or lost to the Switch

  • Share a Line and SAVE on unnecessary telephone line rental and installation costs

  • Easy 'Plug In' Installation

  • Designed for Extreme Reliability

  • Two Year Warranty


Priority Switch will ensure that the PRIORITY  DEVICE, can always access the Telephone Line when it needs it.



Outgoing Calls

1. If the Line is not in use when the Priority Device needs to make an Outgoing Call, it will be immediately connected to the Line so that it can call out.

2. If the Line is in use when the Priority Device needs to make an Outgoing Call, the Other Device will be immediately disconnected from the Line. The Priority device will then be connected to the Line to make it's Outgoing call after a short delay, so that the telephone exchange has been given enough time to release the previous call.

3. Our Barge-In protection facility will ensure that the Normal Device cannot interupt the Priority Device while it is in operation.

4. In the event of Power Loss to the Priority Switch, the Priority Device will be connected direct to the Line. The Normal Device will not be able to access the line until power is restored.


Incoming Calls

Incoming Call operation is set by a Dip Switch located on the underside of the unit. Four separate modes are provided :

1. Incoming Calls are connected to Both Devices at the same time.

2. Incoming Calls are ONLY connected to the Normal  Device.

3. Incoming Calls are ONLY connected to the Priority Device.

4. Incoming Calls are NOT connected to Either Device



  1. Remove all devices from the Telephone socket to be used.

  2. Using the supplied telephone line cable, connect Priority Switch direct to your Telephone Socket.

  3. Connect your PRIORITY DEVICE to the Priority Device port of Priority Switch using its existing cable.

  4. Connect your Normal Device to the Normal Device of Priority Switch using its existing cable.

  5. Connect the supplied 12V plug pack to POWER and installation is complete.

Note : If power is lost or not connected to Priority Switch, only the Priority Device will have access to the Telephne Line to Make calls or Receive calls.



In the case of operation on a PBX, the shared line would normally be the Last Choice Line, but it can be used on any PBX line. 


Please Note : Installation on a PBX System must be carried out by a telephone technician.

Important Notes

1) Priority Device can only be used on Telephone Lines which will clear down when either the Calling Party or Receiving Party hang up the call (or are disconnected). 

2) It can be used with Standard Lines in the USA and Canada where a call can be terminated by either the intiating pary or receiving party hanging up.

3) Some countries (such as Australia) have a Calling Party Control facility where the call can only be terminated by the Calling Party Hanging Up. There is a very long delay in clearing the line if the Answering Party Hangs Up, which will not allow Priority Switch to operate correctly.

4) Correct operation of Priority Switch should be tested at the time of initial Instalation and then at Appropriate Intervals for its application. Telephone Lines and Priority Switch are subject to Lightning Surges and Power surges that may damage or affect operation of Priority Switch or the Telephone Devices connected to it.



Alternative Product

An alternative Product and Method is also provided for Important Applications where a Telephone Based Device must be able to dial out.

LINE SELECTOR is a product where the Telephone Device can be connected to TWO Separate Telephone lines. With LINE SELECTOR if the Primary Line is Busy, Not Connected or UNavailable, it will Automatically connect the Telephone Device to the Back Up line (Line 2), which can be a normal PSTN Line, PBX Extension, IP Line (FXS, FXO or ATA) or even a Cellular Line (using a Cellular Gateway).

Click this link for information on our LINE SELECTOR device



Priority Switch

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