DS-SIP Connect Controller for ANY NATCOMM Intercom


Direct SIP Connect Intercom Controller

Then Connect 1 of 4 Available Intercoms

Designed for an IP Based PBX or IP Network


Easy 'Plug In' Installation & Easy Software Setup
Integrated DTMF Controlled Lock Release for up to 2 Door or Gates
Loud and Clear Communication


Connect it to your existing IP-PBX servicve as an Extension, or if you are using a 'Closed Cloud PBX' service which does not allow you to connect 3rd party items, then use our 'Smart Cloud Intercom Service' which operates comnpletely independent of your PBX and Dials into your PBX as an Incoming call.


The NATCOMM 2 Part Solution offers Many Advantages                                                  
  • Intelligent DS-SIP Controller module connects Inside Premises to provide Short & Long Term reliability. You can expect 10-15+ years reliability
  • Choose an Intercom to meet your requirement (Budget, Premium, Integrated Camera or Integrated Pedestrian Access keypad)
  • Inexpensive Intercom connects Outside, up to 500 Yards away
  • Only a 4 wire connection is required from Controller to Intercom
  • Highly Weatherproof Intercoms provide reliability and Quick & Inexpensive replacements when the time comes
  • Digital Volume Adjustments of  Intercom Speaker and Microphone
  • Two Dry Contact Relays (rated at 12V/!A or 24V/0.5A) to allow the user to Open One or Two Doors or Gates 
  • Two Year Warranty


                                                       with Supplied PC Software


1. DS-SIP Switch should be connected direct to Any Network Point or direct to an IP Switch, Router or even the IP Modem.

2. Connect DS-SIP to your Door Phone Intercom using a 2 Wire or 4 Wire cable up to 500 Yarads away. CAT3 or CAT5 is ideal. 

3. Connect the supplied 12VDC Power Adaptor. 

4. DS-SIP will automatically connect to the Network via DHCP (you can then change to Static IP if you like)

5. Load and Run the supplied Windows Installation Software on any PC on the same Network (Windows 7 or later). 

This program will automatically :

  • Display the IP Address, Gateway Address, Subnetmask and MAC address of the PA-SIP device. 
  • Allow you to Enter the Advanced Settings Menu where you can : 
    - Enter the PBX Extension Number assigned to PA-SIP by your PBX Administrator. 
    - Allow Automatic Registration with the PBX Server.
    - Allow you to set up a Static IP Address if you wish.
    - Change the Port Number from the default setting of 5060 (if required).
    - Change the allowed Audio Codecs from the default setting of 5060 (if required).
    - Change all other settings associated with SIP communication.             


Once installed, PBX users need only :

1) Call the Extension Number (or Telephone number) that DS-SIP is connected to.

2) Press the Call SWitch on the Door Phone IntercomDS-SIP will then connect the Intercom call to the specified Extension Number or Call Group

3) The Visitor will be able to communicate with the Answering Party as soon as they answer.

4) The User can Open a Door or Gate by pressing ** on their keypad. The Door or Gate will open for a user programmed amount of time.

5) One Relay can alternatively be configured to Turn ON and then OFF a Camera, Recording Device or any other Electrical Device.  

6) Users can call the Intercom Extension at Any Time and Open One or Two Door or Gates. 

ALTERNATIVE MODELS in our DS-Range for Analog Extension or FXS Port connection

Model DS4 – Is designed to go 'Off Hook' when triggered by ANY NATCOMM Door Phone Intercom, so that the PBX can 'Hot Dial' the Intercom call to any Telephone Extension or Extension Group. DS4 will then terminate the call on detection of hang up tones, which occur as soon as the user hangs up.

Model DS5 - Has all the features of Model DS4, plus it has an Internal Relay to allow the User to Open a Door or Gate by pressing ** on their keypad. The Door or Gate will open for a user programmed amount of time.




For Residential Use OR for use with a 'Closed Cloud PBX Service' where 3rd Party Equipment is not supported


The Smart Cloud Internet Service' will work with ANY Cloud PBX because it does not connect to it in any way. It connects to a totally separate ‘Smart Cloud’ INTERCOM service, which is provided for NATCOMM users by a 3rd party service.

In this situation, the DS-SIP Controller is completely configured here at the factory and sent to you for ‘Plug N Play’  installation. You just need to connect it anywhere on your Internet Network and it will connect to the ‘Smart Cloud’ Server by DHCP (or Static IP if you prefer).

DS-SIP will be configured by us to Dial direct into your Closed Cloud PBX service as an incoming call. Ideally a DID number should be setup by you, so that DS-SIP can call specified PBX Extensions.


The cost of this complete service is just $2 per month, plus $0.10 per Intercom Call.
This will be billed by the 3rd party provider of the ‘Smart Cloud’ INTERCOM service.




You can DOWNLOAD the following documents and our DS-SIP Set Up Program by 'clicking' the  following links:

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The NATCOMM IP Device setup Program

DS-SIP Connect Controller for ANY NATCOMM Intercom

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