Decadic to Tone Dialer

Decadic to Tone Dialer


Converts Pulse Dialed digits to DTMF Dialed digits

DTD Allows Old Pulse (Decadic) Dialing Devices to operate on ANY modern Telephone Line


Features & Benefits 

  • Solves Dialing problems which prevent Older Telephone Devices working on Modern Telephone Lines

  • Can be used on Fiber Lines, IP Lines and with FXO, FXS and ATA interfaces

  • Inexpensive - Easy 'Plug In' Installation

  • Two Year Warranty


How It Works


DTD is Designed to solve problems where Telephone Devices will not Dial Out on new Fibre Lines, IP Lines or PBX Equipment.


Outgoing Calls

If an attached Telephone Device begins dialing Pulse (Decadic) digits, DTD will immediately BLOCK these 'pulses' being transmitted to the Telephone Line. It will instead 'decode' each Pulse dialed digit and at the completion, it will generate and send the appropriate DTMF digit to the Telephone Line.


With DTD, if an attached Telephone Device begins dialing DTMF digits, DTD will allow these 'tones' to be transparently connected to the Telephone Line. 


Incoming Calls

Will be connected to the attached Telephone Device without delay.



If power is lost to DTD, the attached Telephone Device will be automatically connected to the Telephone Line so that it can receive calls as normal.


DTD is supplied with a 12VDC/500mA Power Adaptor, but it can also operate with a 12VAC or  other 12VDC input (either polarity) with a min of 300mA.



Installation Diagram



User Guides

 Our DTD User Guide contains additional detailed information :


To DOWNLOAD a copy of our DTD USER GUIDE - Click Here


Decadic to Tone Dialer

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