Message On Hold Switch for Single Lines

Single Line Message on Hold Switch


Now you can have Fully Automatic Message on Hold on a Single Line



  • Place a Call ON HOLD from ANY Telephone on your Line

  • Retrieve the Call from the Same Telephone OR Any Other Telephone on your line

  • Connect ANY Audio Device to provide ON HOLD Music or Message.

  • MOH Connects to ANY Telephone Socket and works with ALL Sockets on the same line.


Our unique MOH devices units are intelligent switches, specifically designed to allow you to have a professional Music Or Message on Hold solution on your ordinary 'residential' type telephone line.

Once installed, you will be able to place ANY Telephone call ‘On Hold’, from ANY Telephone and you will be able to retrieve the Telephone call from the same telephone or ANY other Telephone connected to your Telephone line.

You can even use it with Cordless Telephones.

You can connect ANY type of Audio device to MOH as your Audio Source. You can use an iPod, Radio, CD Player, PC or even a dedicated Digital Message on Hold player, such as our DMC. The only requirements are that your Audio device must have a volume control and provide audio at a suitable volume for use on a Telephone line.

An Audio Source connection cable with a 3.5mm Audio plug is supplied with each unit.

If you are planning to use a dedicated Digital Message on Hold player, such as our DMC device, then you should use our alternative SLS Device,  which combines the MOH Switch, DMCand Power Adaptors into a single integrated package. It is less expensive than buying the units individually and provides additional features.



MOH will allow you to place Telephone calls on Hold from any Telephone on your line and resume calls with the same Telephone or any other telephone connected to the same line.  

MOH1 sells for $199.00 and is supplied with an Audio Device connection cable and a 12V Power Adaptor.

MOH2  sells for $229.00 and provides all facilities of MOH1, but in addition has a Ringback Reminder facility.

MOH2 will output a brief Reminder Ring, to all telephones connected direct to it, once the call has been On Hold for 30 seconds and then every 15 seconds thereafter until you resume the call, just as a PBX system does. This facility is ideal for busy shops or other sites where it might be possible to forget that a call has been placed On Hold or where there could be a delay before someone is able to retrieve the call.



1.    To Place ANY Telephone call ON HOLD, press 2 on your Telephone and Hang up.

Your caller will be immediately connected to your On Hold Audio, just as if you were using a PABX system.

2.    To Resume your Telephone call, simply pick up the receiver of ANY Telephone on your line. If you are using a Cordless Phone, you should just access the Telephone line as normal.

Your caller will be immediately re-connected to your Telephone, just as if you were using a PABX system.

You can place the same call On Hold as many times as you like and you can place both Incoming and Outgoing calls On Hold.



  1. Remove all devices from the Telephone Socket to be used.
    You can fit MOH to ANY Telephone Socket on your line. It does not have to be connected to the first telephone socket.

  2. Connect the TELEPHONE LINE IN port of MOH unit direct to the Telephone Socket to be used.
    Telephone cables are supplied with MOH.

  3. Connect your TELEPHONE to the PHONE port of MOH
    MOH will still work with any other telephones that you may use, that may be connected to other telephone sockets on your line. If you use a Cordless Phone with multiple handsets, connect the Base Station here.

  4. Connect your AUDIO SOURCE to the AUDIO INPUT port of MOH
    An Audio Connection cable is supplied to do this. It has a standard Audio Jack on one end and the correct telephone plug at the other, allowing you to simply plug it in.

  5. Connect the supplied 12V Power Adaptor to the 12V POWER port of MOH
    You can now place calls On Hold and adjust the Audio Volume to suit.


You can DOWNLOAD a copy of our MOH BROCHURE and USER GUIDE  
by 'clicking' the Image Link below and then 'clicking' the DOCUMENTATION Tab

Message On Hold Switch for Single Lines

Price: AU $199.00

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CODE: MOH1 Switch