Ring Delay Switch

Ring Delay Switch

Delays incoming call connection to an attached device for 1-8 rings
Re-Routes incoming calls to another Line after 1-8 rings
Stops Devices Answering Too Early


Ring Delay Switch is ideal for connection of Unanswered Incoming Calls to a :
• Alarm System
• Call Diverter
• Answering Machine
 Announcement Device
• Alternative PBX Line
• Alternative IP Line Device
• Alternative Cellular Line Device


Ring Delay Switch is very similar to our Privacy Switch, except that Ring Delay Switch is designed to allow an Accessory device to Answer a Telephone Call after a User Set Delay of 1-8 Rings, if the call is not answered by the Normal Device.

Ring Delay Switch  can allow an Accessory Device to share a normal PSTN Line, Incoming PBX Line, Incoming Telephone Line of a PBX, Analog Extension of a PBX, or even an FXO, FXS or ATA output of an IP System.
In the case of operation on a PBX, the shared line would normally be the Last Choice Line, but it can be used on any PBX line. 


Incoming calls are directed to the NORMAL DEVICE without delay or answer. If the Normal Device does not Answer the Incoming Call by the user set number of rings (set by a dip switch), then Ring Delay Switch will then Switch the Incoming Call to the Device connected to the Ring Delay port, so that it can connect a call to another line, ring alternative Telephones or allow an attached device to Answer.
Outgoing calls can be made by both the Normal Device and the Ring Delay Device. Barge-In protection ensures that the PBX, Normal Device and also the Ring Delay device, cannot be interrupted by the other device, when they are using the Telephone Line.

Installation Diagrams

Installation Procedure

1. Connect the appropriate Telephone Line Input to the Line In port of Ring Delay Switch

2. Connect the Normal Device port of Priority Switch to the PBX Trunk Input, FXO Port or Direct to the Normal Device itself

3. Connect the Alternative device (or Alternative Line) to the Ring Delay Device port of Ring Delay Switch

4. Connect the supplied 12VDC Power Pack


PBX Installation Procedure


A suitably qualified Technician will be required to fit Ring Delay Switch to a PBX.
Should power to the Ring Delay Switch ever be lost or disconnected, Ring Delay Switch will connect the Normal Device to the Telephone Line.
The Ring Delay Device will not be able to access the Telephone line.

 Our User Guide contains additional detailed information

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Ring Delay Switch

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