Message Announcer





Message Announcer


For Programmable Message Play
with ANY Background Music System

Message Announcer  is designed to play promotional Messages with an existing Music source such as a Radio, MP3 player, Internet Streaming Player, Satellite Streaming player etc.


Message Announcer  provides a solution for sites that play Music and require customised promotional Messages to be interjected with the Music at regular intervals. 
Message Announcer achieves this by ramping the Music down, playing the Message and then ramping the Music back up again after the Message has finished playing.
Message Announcer shows the current Date and Time as well as the remaining time until the next Message plays. This period is displayed in real time as the player counts down.



Messages play at user programmed frequency (01-254 minutes or seconds)
• Has an Audio Input and Audio Mixing facility to temporarily Replace (or reduce) the Music behind a Message
• Can play Messages at Higher volume than Music. Message Volume is controlled by a separate Message Volume Pot
• Can Mix Message with Music, leaving 0-50% of the Music present while Message is playing, controlled by separate Pot
• Provides 6 levels for Ramping Music down before Message play and Ramping Music up after Message play
• Requires ‘Line Level’ Music input
• Provides ‘Line Level’ mixed or substituted output, suitable for the existing amplifiers
• Optional 10W/100V output for use without an amplifier. Suitable for areas up to 1000-2000 sq ft
• Message Announcer can play Standard MP3 or Encrypted MP3 files (specified at time of order)
• Messages can be Time and Date programmed allowing for seasonal messages, Christmas, Easter etc, fixed time sales campaigns or specific daily Messages
• Provides Daylight Savings ON/OFF to ensure accurate Message play for Time critical Messages




A Windows based Control Program is provided for Message Announcer
so that users can program each unit to meet specific needs.
This program will allow users to :
• Copy Files to an SD Card 
• Set the Time Interval at which Messages should play.
• The Time Interval can be 1-254 seconds or minutes.
• Set the Music Fade Out and Fade In times applicable before and after Message Play.
• 6 Fade times are available :
- No Fade
- 1 second Fade
- 2 second Fade
- 3 second Fade
- 4 second Fade
- 5 second Fade
• Set Days and Times during which each Message should play.
• Set Start Dates and Stop Dates during which each Message should play.
• Set MA units Date and Time.
• Enable or Disable Automatic Daylight Savings Time changes.
• Allow for Encryption of an MP3 Message File or a complete Folder of MP3 Messages.


  • This NO COST Encryption Decoder option will only play MP3 files Encrytpted with our Natcomm Encryption program.
  • The Encryption Program is supplied at NO COST and allows individual files (or complete folders of files) to be Encrypted in seconds.
  • The use of Encryption is quick and easy and it prevents unauthorised used of your valuable productions.

Message Announcer

Message Announcer

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