BMP : Low Cost Background Music Player

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Background Music Player




Our BMP Background Music Player is a Low Cost, Ultra Reliable solid state Background Music Player. 
It is ideal for sites that want to play Music without Timed Message Announcements.




  • BMP uses minimal power and is designed for ultra reliable 24/7 operation over many years. 
  • In the event of a power cut BMP will automatically restart when power resumes
  • BMP is supplied with an 8GB SD-HC card, where up to 8 separate Folders of up to 250 songs in each folder can be loaded. This allows for a total Music capacity of up to 2000 songs.
  • BMP can play continuous Music only or a combination of Music and Messages if One Folder on the supplied SD-HC card is devoted to Messages.
  • When Messages need to be played in a specific order, at specific times or days, or at increased volumes to songs, our alternative BMS device should be used.
  • As with all Natcomm Background Music players, BMP can play Encrypted MP3 files (no cost option) or Standard MP3 files. 
  • BMP has a Line Level output and is designed to be used with a separate Amplifier, using the supplied Stereo 3.5mm to RCA cable.

  • You can Encrypt your own MP3 Music with our quick and easy to use Encryption program, supplied with Encryption versions.



  • All loaded songs are played Randomly, without any song being repeated until all songs have played.
  • BMP plays a randomly selected song from each folder before moving to the next folder to do the same.
  • Once the last Folder is reached, it starts again in the first Folder selecting from songs that have not yet been played.




  • This NO COST Encryption Decoder option will only play MP3 files Encrytpted with our Natcomm Encryption program.
  • The Encryption Program is supplied at NO COST and allows individual files (or complete folders of files) to be Encrypted in seconds.
  • The use of Encrypted Files may be a requirement of the local Regulatory Authorities that allow for the broadcast of Commercial Music. 

  • A Switch Option can be fitted to the front face of the BMP device.
  • When the Switch is pressed briefly, it will automatically cause BMP to stop playing the current song and move immediately to another randomly selected song. 
  • When pressed for a min of 5 seconds, it will cause BMP to stop playing the current song and Remove it from the play list, which means that it will not play again.





User Guides

 Our User Guides contains additional detailed information :

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our BMP USER GUIDE -   Click Here

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our BMS USER GUIDE -   Click Here


BMP : Low Cost Background Music Player

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