RCU-SIP : Direct SIP Connect Model with Dual Relays

SIP Connect
Relay Control Unit


When you need to Control 1 or 2 Devices from an IP or Cloud based PBX System



Applications :

  • Open a Door or Gate from ANY Extension of an IP PBX

  • Turn ON or OFF Security Cameras

  • Turn ON or OFF a Security System Alarm Panel

  • Reset or Turn ON or OFF an Internet Switch or Router

  • Reset or Turn ON or OFF a Network Server

  • Turn ON or OFF an Air Conditioning Unit

  • Turn ON or OFF or RESET Any Electrical Device

Connect RCU-SIP direct to :

  • Any Network Extension of an IP PBX
  • Direct to an Internet Switch or Router
  • Direct to an Internet Modem


  • RCU-SIP has Two Internal Telecom Rated 1A Dry Relay Contacts

  • Each Relay is controlled by a User Programmed 1-4 Digit DTMF PIN

  • Each Contact will Close for a User Programmed time when DTMF PIN is entered

  • Each Relay can alternatively be Programmed to Close and Remain Closed. This allows a User to RESET an Electrical Device.

  • Each Relay can Toggle between Closed or Open on each DTMF PIN detection. This allows a User to Dial In and Turn ON or OFF an Electrical Device

  • RCU-SIP Outputs 'Beeps' to advise of Relay State 

  • RCU-SIP will Restore each Relay to its User Programmed status after any power interruption

    New From November 2021

  • For Security Sensitive Applications, RCU-SIP has a new MASTER PIN CODE facility, where a 1-4 Digit MASTER CODE can be Set & Enabled which means that Relay Control and all Further Programming can only be carried out after the User Programmable 1-4 Digit Code is entered. If an Incorrect Code is entered, RCU-SIP will Hang Up. See User Guide for full details.



  • Connect RCU-SIP to Any PBX Network point with a Standard Network Cable (supplied

  • RCU-SIP will connect to your PBX Network via DHCP to be configured with an Extension Number. Other parameters can also be set via an Internal Web based Admin panel (see below)

  • An external Screw Terminal Box is supplied to allow easy access to RCU-SIP's Relay Terminals

  • Each Relay is Dry Contact, Telecom Approved and Rated at 12V/1A or 24V/0.5A

  • These Contacts can be used directly with many devices to Start/Stop or Turn On/Off

  • If you need to control 115VAC (or 230VAC), RCU-SIP's Relay contacts should be used to provide power to the coil contacts of an External 115VAC (or 23VAC) Relay device.

  • Network Cable, Relay Connection Box and Cable and 12VDC Power Adaptor are all supplied. 

                                                       with Supplied PC Software


1. RCU-SIP Switch should be connected direct to Any Network Point or direct to an IP Switch, Router or even the IP Modem.

2. Connect RCU-SIP  to your Electrical Equipment via the supplied connection box with screw terminals.

3. Connect the supplied 12VDC Power Adaptor. 

4. RCU-SIP  will automatically connect to the Network via DHCP (you can then change to Static IP if you like)

5.  Load and Run the supplied Windows Installation Software on any PC on the same Network (Windows 7 or later). 

This program will automatically :

Display the IP Address, Gateway Address, Subnetmask and MAC address of the RCU-SIP device. 

  • Allow you to Connect to our Installation Wizard, where you can : 

    - Enter the PBX Extension Number assigned to PA-SIP by your PBX Administrator.
    - Allow Automatic Registration with the PBX Server.
    - Allow you to set up a Static IP Address if you wish.

    - Change the Port Number from the default setting of 5060 (if required).
    - Change the allowed Audio Codecs from the default setting of 5060 (if required).
    - Change all other settings associated with SIP communication.

Alternative Models : Need Analog, FXS or ATA connection ?  

Models RCU1 and RCU2 are designed to connect to ANY of the following Telephone Line Connections :

*  PSTN Lines    PBX Analog Extensions   FXO Ports   *   FXS Ports    
* ATA Output   * Cellular Gateway Output   *  A dedicated Access Control Line

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User Guides

 Our User Guides contains additional detailed information :


To DOWNLOAD a copy of our RCU USER GUIDE - Click Here

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our RCU-SIP USER GUIDE - Click Here


You can DOWNLOAD our NATCOMM-SIP Set Up Program by 'clicking' the  following link:                                         

                                          The NATCOMM IP Device setup Program

RCU-SIP : Direct SIP Connect Model with Dual Relays

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