DS-SIP for Home Use

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Intercom Controller

Connects to the 'Smart Cloud' service, or your IP-PBX.



Use with any 1 of 4 Available Natcomm Intercoms


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Easy 'Plug In' Installation & Easy Software Setup
Integrated DTMF Controlled Lock Release for up to 2 Door or Gates
Loud and Clear Communication

Connect DS-SIP to your existing Internet Modem or Router and then use our 'Smart Cloud Intercom Service' which will connect Intercom calls through to One or More Cell Phones. 

The 'Smart Cloud Intercom Service' is a 3rd party service available at a cost of $4 per month and $0.12 per call. See details below.

Alternatively, if you operate your own Cloud PBX, DS-SIP can connected as an extension and you can operate it at no extra cost.

                                  The NATCOMM 2 Part Solution offers Many Advantages                                      

  • Intelligent DS-SIP Controller module connects Inside Premises to provide Long Term reliability. You can confidently expect 10-15+ years reliability.

  • Choose an Intercom to meet your requirement (Budget, Premium, or Premium with Integrated Pedestrian Access keypad)

  • The Inexpensive Intercom connects Outsideup to 500 Meters away

  • Only 4 wires is required for connection from the DS-SIP Controller to the Intercom

  • Highly Weatherproof Intercoms provide reliability and are Quick & Inexpensive replacements when the time comes

  • DS-SIP provides for Digital Volume Adjustment of  the Intercom Speaker Volume and the Microphone Level for Internal volume. The Volume can be independently adjusted up to 18dB in 1dB increments.

  • Two Dry Contact Relays (rated at 12V/!A or 24V/0.5A) to allow the user to Open One or Two Doors or Gates 

  • Two Year Warranty


For Residential Use OR for for use with a 'Closed Cloud PBX Service' where you cannot connect 3rd Party Equipment.

The Smart 'Cloud Internet Service' is a totally separate ‘Smart Cloud’ INTERCOM service, which is provided for NATCOMM users by a 3rd party service.

Home Users :The DS-SIP Controller is configured automatically by the 'Smart Cloud' Service provider for ‘Plug N Play’  installation. You just need to connect it anywhere on your Internet Network and it will connect to the ‘Smart Cloud’ Server by DHCP (or Static IP if you prefer).

PBX Users : DS-SIP can also be connected to the 'Smart Cloud' Service and configured to Dial direct into your Closed Cloud PBX service as an incoming call. A Direct In Dial Number (DID) can then be setup by you, so that DS-SIP can call specified PBX Extensions.


The cost of this complete service is just $4 per month, plus $0.12 per Intercom Call.

Or high volume usrrs can update to a "Unlimited Call Service' for a slightly increased Monthly Charge.
This will be billed by the 3rd party provider of the ‘Smart Cloud Intercom service.




1. DS-SIP Switch can be connected direct to Any Network Point or direct to an IP Switch, Router or even the IP Modem.

2. Connect DS-SIP to your Door Phone Intercom using a 2 Wire or 4 Wire cable up to 500 Yarads away. CAT3, CAT5 or CAT6 is ideal. 

3. Connect the supplied 12VDC Power Adaptor. 

4. DS-SIP will automatically connect to your Network via DHCP (you can then change to Static IP if you like)

5. Call our Smart Cloud service provider and they will discuss your best solution for you so that Intercom calls will connect to All required devices.

They will also talk you through the complete setup process . A standard Fee of $4.00 per month applies to this service. Additional fees may be applicable for additional devices. 



Once installed, visitors need only :

1) Press the Call Switch on the Door Phone IntercomDS-SIP will then connect the Intercom call to the specified Cell Phones or IP Devices

2) The Visitor will be able to communicate with the Answering Party as soon as they answer.

3) The User can Open a Door or Gate by pressing ** on their keypad. The Door or Gate will open for a user programmed amount of time.

4) One Relay can alternatively be configured to Turn ON and then OFF a Camera, Recording Device or any other Electrical Device.  

5) Users can call the Intercom Extension at Any Time and Open One or Two Door or Gates. 


User Guides

 Our User Guides contains additional detailed information :


To DOWNLOAD a copy of our DS3 USER GUIDE - Click Here

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our DS-SIP USER GUIDE - Click Here


You can DOWNLOAD our NATCOMM-SIP Set Up Program by 'clicking' the  following link:                                         

                                          The NATCOMM IP Device setup Program

DS-SIP for Home Use

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