Incoming Ring Booster

Ring Booster


For Boosting Ring Voltage on a Telephone Line
Ring Booster Outputs Powerful Australian, USA or UK Ring, on detection of any ring input

For Fixing Products that Dont Answer on an NBN Line
Fixes problems where devices that used to answer on your old Line dont Answer on an NBN Line Output

For Changing Ring Cadence on a Telephone Line
Ring Booster can also Change Australian Ring Input to a Powerful USA Style Ring Output




Features & Benefits

  • Solves Ringing (REN) problems : Will typically allow 3 or 4 additional devices to ring

  • Solves Device Answering Problems : Outputs Powerful Ring to attached devices on detection of Incoming Ring

  • Allows USA Devices to operate in Australia : Converts Australian Ring Input to a Powerful USA Style Ring Output 

  • Allows US or UK Devices to Operate on Any PBX Extensions (or FXO, FXS or ATA outputs)

  • Inexpensive - Easy 'Plug In' Installation

  • Two Year Warranty



How It Works

Ring Booster is Designed to solve problems where Telephone Devices will not Answer.

Ring Booster incorporates two RJ11 (6 pin) telephone line ports and a 12V power input port. It is supplied with a 12VDC/500mA Power Adaptor, but it can also operate with a 12VAC or  other 12VDC input (either polarity) with a min of 500mA.

When Incoming Ring is detected on the Line Input port of Ring Booster, it will immediately output amplified Australian, US or UK (switch selectable) Ring Cadence via the Line Output port, sufficient to typically ring an additional 3 or 4 devices.

Ring Booster will then cease its Amplified Ring Output as soon as any device connected to the Line Output port answers the incoming call.



 Installation Diagram



User Guides

 Our User Guides contains additional detailed information

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our Ring Booster USER GUIDE  -   Click Here

Incoming Ring Booster


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