Incoming Ring Indicator

Ring Indicator


Will let you know you have an Incoming Telephone Call
by Controlling a Flashing Strobe, Alert Tone or Both




  • Lets you know when there is an incoming call in NOISY environments.
  • Easy 'Plug In' Installation
  • Accessories are powered from Ring Indicator
    Accessories are supplied with a Wall Mount Bracket
  • Cost Effective and Reliable
  • Two Year Warranty


Ring Indicator is desined to TURN ON and TURN OFF an attached Strobe Light or Tone Alert Accessory in exact sequence with the incoming ring pattern until the call is answered. Ring Indicator can alternatively be set (via a Dip Switch) to TURN ON the attached Accessopry and leave it ON until the call is answered.
Ring Indicator can also work with Third Party equipment that can detect a Dry Relay Contact Closure, such as a Home Automation System or a Security System to alert that there is an Incoming Call. 
The Internal Relay of Ring Indicator can also be used to switch power (up to 12VDC/1A) to and from a Third Party device. A screw terminal connection box with a short connection cable can be provided for this application on request at no additional cost.
Power input to Ring Indicator can be either12VAC or 12VDC (rated at 500mA or greater).



Two Accessories are designed for use with Ring Indicator


Tone Alert Accessory

Our Tone Alert Accessory outputs an Alert Tone as soon as it detects the Relay Closure output from Ring Indicator.

Its output volume can be adjusted to suit any application :

  • A volume pot is located on the underside of the unit, to allow for volume adjustment to suit open office areas up to 100-150 sq m, or small factory areas.
  • An amplified 3.5mm Audio Output (7W) is also provided to allow for connection of additional standard 8 Ohm Speakers, or PC type Speakers with Amplifier and Volume Control. This will suit larger Office Environments, Noisy Office Environments, or small-medium sized Factory Areas. 
  • The 3.5mm Audio Output can also be connected to an External Amplifier so that it’s Alert Tone can be used for ANY sized Office Environment, External Area or Factory Area serviced by a suitable Amplifier. 


Tone Alert uses an Internal Microprocessor circuit and Speaker to produce a Dip Switch selectable Alert Tone (400Hz) or an Alarm Tone (1100Hz) tone, rather than the annoying high pitched frequency of inexpensive ‘Piezo Alarms’. 

A Dip Switch located on the underside of the unit will also allow the Warning Tones output ‘cadence’ and 'tone frequency' to be changed to suit different applications. 

It can output :

  • A Continuous Tone

  • A repeating Tone that is 4 Seconds On and then 4 Seconds Off

  • A repeating Tone that is 8 Seconds On and then 8 Seconds Off

  • A repeating Tone that is 2 Seconds On and then 4 Seconds Off (same as a Phone Ring)




The Audio Output from our Tone Alert can also be connected to an Amplifier or Powered Speakers via the 3.5mm Audio Output to provide a Loud Ringing Solution for any Application (see Diagram below).




Strobe Alert Accessory

Our Strobe Alert Accessory uses EIGHT High Intensity RED LED’s which Flash to alert Users as soon as it detects a Relay Closure Output from Ring Indicator.When Wall Mounted, it is Ideal for a small office (up to 100-150 sq m), or for small Factory Areas.

For Larger areas, Two or More Strobe Alert Accessories can be connected in parallel to the Natcomm unit :

Strobe Alert is also available with an Optional Dip Switch Facility ($10.00 incl GST) which can be fitted to the underside of the unit, to allow the 'Strobe Flash Cadence' to be changed to suit 'special' applications.

It can then output : 

  • A Continuous Strobe Flash

  • Strobe Flash that is 4 Seconds On and then 4 Seconds Off

  • Strobe Flash that is 8 Seconds On and then 8 Seconds Off

  • Strobe Flash that is 2 Seconds On and then 4 Seconds Off (same as a Phone Ring)




Wall Mounting Facility


The plastic enclosure of all Three accessories has 2 ‘Key Hole Slots’ molded into the bottom plate to provide for Easy Wall Mounting.

A Wall Mount Bracket is supplied with each Accessory and this unit screws direct onto a wall with 2 small crews. Once the Wall Mount Bracket is in place, the Accessory 'Clips' straight into the Keyholes and then you just pull it down lightly to lock it into place.

The Optional Wall Mount Bracket with 2 small screws can be supplied at an additional cost of $5.00 (incl GST).



Power and Connection

Both Accessories are powered direct from Ring Indicator and connect with just 4 wires. An expandable 'Curly Cord' cable is provided with each Accessory, to allow it to be placed or mounted in a convenient nearby location.

If the Accessory needs to be remote from Ring Indicator,  it can be located up to 100 metres away if solid core cabling is used. Cat 3 (standard telephone cable) or Cat5 cable or Standard Telephone Cable is ideal. Polarity is not important as the Accessory has an Integrated Polarity Rectifier.

If the Accessory is to be located more than 100 metres away, it has a standard 12VDC (2.5mm) Power Input Socket to allow for local powering. You can use a separate local 12VAC or 12VDC input of any polarity. This will allow you to operate the Accessory at very large distances from Ring Indicator (or other Natcomm Switch).

Should the 12V power source to Ring Indicator be lost or disconnected, its Internal Relay will remain Open (Normal Open Relay) and it will remain Open on reconnection of its 12V Power source.





User Guides

 Our User Guides contains additional detailed information :

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our Ring Indicator USER GUIDE - Click Here

To DOWNLOAD a copy of our RI-SIP USER GUIDE - Click Here


Incoming Ring Indicator


Price: AU $199.00

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Tone Alert Accessory

Price: AU $99.00

In stock

CODE: Tone Alert

Strobe Alert Accessory

Price: AU $69.00

In stock

CODE: Strobe Alert