Multiple Switch / 8 Trigger Input Unit

Allows up to 8 switches, sensors or PIR detectors to be connected to the TDU.  Each switch, sensor or PIR detector will have its own unique message output.

MULTIPLE INPUT UNIT will allow up to 12 separate sensors to be connected to the one Talking Display Unit (TDU). The TDU can then play one of up to 8 separate messages, held in its memory, depending on which sensor has been triggered.

This means that:
Sensor 1 when triggered will cause Message 1 to play
Sensor 2 when triggered will cause Message 2 to play
.....and so on up to sensor number 8.

Sensors for use with the MIU can be 'normally open' or 'normally closed'. 

Sensors can be located up to 100m from the MIU unit, or greater than 100m from the MIU if low resistance wiring is used. The remote sensors connect to the MIU via a female 25 pin D type connector. Each sensor has been allocated a specific pin position.

While the TDU is playing a message, the MIU will continue to detect further triggering by the attached sensors and can hold in buffer up to 10 separate further triggers. Then when each message is complete, the MIU will instruct the TDU to play the message corresponding to the next triggering action. The TDU can only play one message at one time.

Communication between the MIU and the TDU is achieved via a single 2 pair telephone cable, which is supplied with the MIU. There is no need for any other external connections.

Multiple Switch / 8 Trigger Input Unit

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