CRU2 : Telephone Call Recording Device for Single Telephone Lines







Designed For Connection To Any Single Telephone Line

Our Model CRU2 is designed for use on your ordinary Single Telephone Line.

Due to it's advanced technology, it can be plugged into ANY telephone socket on your line, and it will allow you to record ANY or ALL telephone calls to your PC, as required.

  • It can be set to AUTOMATICALLY RECORD all of your incoming calls AND/OR all of your outgoing calls to your PC (Windows PC)
  • It will allow you to RECORD telephone calls on an as required basis by simply pressing 3 to START RECORDING and by pressing 4 to STOP RECORDING, from any telephone connected to the same line.

CRU2 is supplied with our user friendly CRUS windows based software program which will allow you to use your PC fitted with a sound card to record and store your telephone calls. 

A low volume recording tone can be injected into your telephone line at intervals of 15 seconds, whenever calls are being recorded. This is a user selectable facility.

CRU2 is designed for easy USER INSTALLATION direct to any single telephone line and also to a Windows PC fitted with SOUND CARD and a spare USB port.

All necessary cables are provided


CRS Software

CRU2 -  can be programmed to automatically record :

  • Incoming Calls only

  • Outgoing Calls only

  • Incoming and Outgoing Calls

  • Calls as required by the user
    (Pressing Touch Tone 3 can start recording a call at any time and pressing Touch Tone 4 can stop recording a call at any time)


Once installed, CRU2 and the supplied CRS software will automatically RECORD your telephone calls and save the call recordings in a nominated folder on the local PC or on a Network or Server drive.  Call Recordings can be autonamed and/or stored by time and date.

You can also enable or disable the injection of 'recording tones' into the telephone call, to advise your callers that the call is to be recorded.

Telephone calls are by default saved in MP3 format, which minimises memory usage and facilitates easy replay, storage and email transfer.

You can also change the MP3 sampling rate used in order to maximise audio quality or message storage. If preferred, your recorded telephone calls can also be saved in .wav format rather than MP3.

The CRS software application loads automatically everytime your PC is powered up.

Installation Diagram



  • 1) A PC running Windows is required to run our CRS Recording Program

  • 2) An unused Audio Card (with an external Line In or Mic input) is required.  


Alternative Model

Model CRU3 

is designed for recording telephone calls via a normal Corded Telephone Handset connection. A Double adaptor cable is provided to connect both CRU3 and your Handset to the 'Curly Cord' cable of your handset.

CRU3 is supplied with our sophisticated CRS Windows based PC software.  

CRU3  can be programmed to automatically record :

  • Incoming Calls and Outgoing calls at any time, by simply clicking an Icon on the PC.
  • CRS loads automatically each time the PC is switched ON and remains minimised ready to access at any time.

Note : Operation of CRU3  requires connection to a Windows based PC, with an unused Audio card.

 You can DOWNLOAD a copy of our CRU2 BROCHURE and USER GUIDE  

by 'clicking' the DOCUMENTATION Tab next to the Image below

CRU2 : Telephone Call Recording Device for Single Telephone Lines


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