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What is a Faxability Switch?

Our Faxability Switches are designed to allow your Fax Machine to operate with the Faxability® service, which is available in most areas of New Zealand and can be provided by your normal telephone service provider.

This service costs approximately $4 per month and is a very convenient and cost effective method of allowing users of single telephone lines to Automatically receive Fax calls. There is no installation charge.

Why Use a Faxability Switch?

Because it will SAVE YOU MONEY - Save up to $2500 in 5 years!

  • Fax Line Monthly Rental is constantly Increasing.

  • Fax Line Installation Costs are Increasing.

  • Fax Use is decreasing and many Dedicated Fax Lines get little use.

  • Because a National Communications Switch will provide you AND your Fax Callers with a Reliable, Fully Automatic Fax Reception solution.

How does it work ?

Users of the Faxability® service are provided with a second number for their existing telephone line and this new number becomes your Fax Number.

  • When Fax calls are sent to the new number, a different ring is sent to your telephone line, which our Faxability Switch will detect within 2 seconds.

  • If the incoming call has the new Faxability Ring, our Faxability switch will CONNECT the incoming Fax call directly to your Fax Machine.

  • If the incoming call has the Normal Number Ring, our Faxability switch will IGNORE the incoming Voice call so that it can be handled normally.

  • Fax reception is completely AUTOMATIC, just as if you were operating a dedicated line with a dedicated fax number.


What if I already have a separate Fax line ?

Single Voice Line Businesses :

If you currently have a dedicated Fax line and you no longer receive many Fax transmissions, you can now use one of our Faxability Switches and the Faxability service to save you money! 

The Faxability service is available from most telephone exchanges in New Zealand. To connect or enquire about the service, you should call your normal telephone service provider. They can arrange to have the Faxability service connected to your voice telephone line and you can keep your existing Fax number.

You will still have Fully Automatic Fax reception and you will  $$ SAVE $$  the considerable ongoing monthly rental costs of your little used dedicated Fax line.

Note - If the combined Voice and Fax line is in use when a Fax call attempts to connect, the line will be busy and the calling Fax machine will


Businesses with a PABX that use 2 or more Voice lines :

If you use a PABX telephone system with more than 1 voice line connected, the Faxability service cannot be connected to your site.

However, if you do not receive many fax transmissions, you can use our FaxSwitch 2 device which will allow you to receive Fax calls automatically on an existing line of your PABX system.  This will allow you to save the ongoing monthly rental on your little used dedicated Fax line and you keep your existing Fax number.


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There are 2 Faxability Switches in our range :

Faxability Switch 1 :
  • This basic device is designed for Basic applications.

  • It is suitable for sites where all telephones are connected to a single telephone socket.

    Faxability Switch 2 is recommended for sites where telephones on more than 1 telephone socket are in use.
    This is to ensure that your telephone DO NOT RING when a Fax call arrives and is processed.

  • It will NOT operate with all Fax Machines.

    This is because some Fax Machines will not answer the different ring that the Faxability service uses.
    Faxabilty Switch 2 does not have this problem because it Answers incoming Fax calls and then rings the Fax Machine with the standard NZ ring.
    You can test if your Fax Machine is suitable by plugging it into a telephone socket and calling your line with a Mobile Phone. If your Fax Machine will answer both the Normal Number Ring and the Faxability Number Ring, then Faxability Switch 1 can be used at your site. If it will not, then you will need to use Faxability Switch 2.

  • It will NOT operate with all Telephones.

    Telephones that have a 'Line In Use' advice facility cannot be connected direct to Faxability Switch 1. They must be connected in parallel. This means that they will ring several times and then stop whenever a Fax call is sent to your site.

  • Faxability Switch 1 is designed for Quick and Easy User Installation.

Faxability Switch 2
  • This slightly more expensive Premium device is designed to operate with ANY Fax Machine and ANY Telephone in ANY application.

  • It provides Enhanced facilities to ensure there is full operation for all telephone devices.

  • It is recommended for sites that use telephones connected to 1 or more telephone sockets.

  • It can also allow reception of Faxes that may be sent to your normal number. This is ideal for sites that had previously used the same voice and Fax number.

  • Faxability Switch 2 will operates with ALL Fax Machines, because it regenerates normal New Zealand ring.

  • Faxability Switch 2 is designed for Quick and Easy User Installation.


Installation Diagram

Duet Switch 1 Installation Diagram Guide

  • User installation under all circumstances.

  • A separate Answer Phone (if used) can be connected to the same socket or any other socket on the line.

  • If ADSL is used on the same line, then an ADSL filter should be fitted ahead of the Faxability Switch.



Operation with ADSL

Our Fax Switch and Faxability Switch products are designed to operate with an ADSL service. They will not affect your ADSL service and your ADSL service will not affect the operation of our Switches.

It is essential that you use a High Quality ADSL Filter/Splitter somewhere on your Telephone Line ahead of our Switch.

We recommend the C10 brand ADSL Filter/Splitter, available from most telephone equipment retailers. Your Reseller can advise you of other suitable filters.

Operation with CallerID

Our Faxability Switch and Fax Switch products are designed to operate with a CallerID service.

If a CallerID telephone is to be connected direct to your Faxability Switch and Fax Switch, you can quickly and easily enable the unit to pass CallerID to your telephone device. Full details are in the user guides supplied with each device.


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Faxability Switch 1 Faxability Switch 1

NZ $149.00

Faxability Switch 2 Faxability Switch 2

NZ $179.00