Door Station Intercom for ANY Residential Telephone Line


Connect ONE or TWO Door Phone Intercoms
to your Ordinary Single Telephone Line



Please Note : These Door Station Controllers are for use with ANY One or Two of the range of National Communications Door Phones, which are described on separate pages.



These DOOR STATION controllers are designed to operate with your ordinary (residential type) PSTN telephone line. They are also suitable for sites that do not use a telephone line, such as VOIP users or households that only use Mobile Phones.

ONE or TWO of our range of surface mount or flush mount DOOR PHONES can be connected direct to the DOOR STATION controller. The door phones can be up to 300 metres from the door station controller (the total distance of 1 or 2 door phones).


When a visitor presses the call button on the door phone, our door station controller will RING all the TELEPHONES on your line with a different ring so that you will know the call is from the door phone. All you need to do is to answer any telephone to achieve loud and clear communication with your visitor. There are no call charges.

If you are already on a telephone call, the DS controller will alert you with a call advise tone every 15 seconds. You can then place your telephone call ON HOLD and speak to your visitor by pressing ##. You can then return to your telephone caller when ready by pressing ## again. Similarly, if you are on a door phone call when an incoming telephone call is present the same procedure applies.


Model DS2 incorporates an internal relay which can be used to open or release a door or gate lock. Lock release time is fully programmable.

Models DS3 and DS6 provide two internal relays which can be used to open locks in two separate areas (eg; one at your front gate and one at your front door). The second relay in both these models can alternatively be used to SWITCH ON a light, a video camera/recorder or any other electrical device as soon as the call button is pressed on the door phone and then SWITCH THEM OFF after the call is complete.


Model DS6 has the ability to DIAL OUT to your mobile phone (or any other programmed telephone number) when you are not home and connect you to your visitor at the door phone (normal call charges apply). You will then be able to converse with your visitor and even let them in if you wish.

If you have a SECURITY ALARM or HOME AUTOMATION system, you can use the second relay of model DS3 or DS6 to interface to it and with suitable equipment you can even have a photo or streaming video of your visitors sent to your smart phone.

An Alarm Interface Module (AIM) accessory is also available to automatically set your DS6 to attended or unattended call mode. See page 14 for further details.


Door Phone Options



You can use ANY of our DP1 to DP5 model Door Phones with any of the above Door Station Controllers. 
Click Here to view and order a Door Phone for use with your Door Station Controller.

Installation Diagrams

Door Phone without Lock Connection

Door Phone with Single Lock Connection

Door Phone with Dual Lock Connection

Installation of our Door Phone solutions should be carried out by a suitable accredited Electrician, Telephone,  Security or Home Automation technician.

We have New Zealand Wide network of Resellers and Installation Technicians.

For details of your nearest technician, please call 0800 628 2666 (0800 NATCOMM) or email info@natcomm.com.au.



Door Station Controller - Product Selection Chart

START. Are you connecting to a PABX or other multi line system? HOME LINE INSTALLATION Would you like your Door Phone to call your mobile phone when you are not home? OFFICE INSTALLATION Does your phone system have a hot dial capability? Do you need to release an electric door or gate? DS1 - No lock control DS2 - Allows for control of 1 lock. DS3 - Allows for control of 2 locks or for control of 1 lock and 1 device. DS4 - No lock control DS5 - Allows for control of 1 lock. DS6 - Allows for control of 2 locks or for control of 1 lock and 1 device.



Optional Accessories :



Intelligent Touch Tone controlled Relays for Access Control

Our LCU lock control units are intelligent programmable devices with either 1 or 2 internal dry relay contacts, which can be used to control an external device or provide for access or lock control. They are designed to connect to the telephone line in parallel, at any point and you can fit multiple units to a single line. Codes can be any 1 to 4 digit number and the relay can close from 1 to 99 seconds when the code is detected


Model LCU-1 - provides for control of 1 dry relay contact.

Model LCU-2 - provides for independent control of 2 dry relay contacts


Alarm Interface Module

Our inexpensive AIM alarm interface module accessory is designed to operate with our model DS6 door station controller and any security alarm system that provides a set of external contacts that close or open whenever the alarm is enabled or disabled. DS6 has the ability to DIAL OUT and connect a visitor that has pressed the call button on any of our door phones to a pre-programmed telephone number (usually a mobile telephone) if the site is unattended. By incorporating the AIM accessory with the alarm panel, DS6 can be instructed to DIAL OUT IMMEDIATELY whenever the alarm is enabled and to RING internally when the alarm is disabled.



ADSL Filters



It is important that you fit a high quality ADSL filter ahead of your door station controller unit (and security alarm if used). There are 2 models that we recommend :

Model C10-1 ADSL Filter Splitter
Suitable for sites with up to 3 telephone devices connected to the line.

Model C10-2 Central Style ADSL Filter Splitter
Recommended for sites with 4 or MORE telephone devices connected to the line, or where a security alarm system is used.


New Zealand Resellers

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B0000A49AE.01-A293Q5VQLXBUWR._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg DS1 Control Unit - no lock control

NZ $249.00

Door Station Controller for use with ANY Natcomm Door Phone on a standard Residential Telephone Line. No Lock Strike Control.

B0000A49AE.01-A293Q5VQLXBUWR._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg DS2 Control Unit - with Single lock control

NZ $299.00

Door Station Controller for use with ANY Natcomm Door Phone on a standard Residential Telephone Line. Single Lock Strike Control.

B0002F3OTW.01-A293Q5VQLXBUWR._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg DS3 Control Unit - with Dual lock control

NZ $349.00

Door Station Controller for use with ANY Natcomm Door Phone on a standard Residential Telephone Line. Dual Lock Strike Control.

B0007IK6GI.01-A3JVIKGOHK5XS3._SS500_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg DS6 Control Unit - with Dual lock contro...

NZ $399.00

Door Station Controller with Automatic Dial Out facility. For connection to a Single Residential Telephone line or a PABX extension. Fitted with Dual Lock Strike Control.