Message On Hold For Single Lines



Single Line Message on Hold Solution




                                                 With options for

                                  Automatic Daytime Call Attendant, 
                                   After Hours Announcement and 
                                           After Hours Call Counter


Our new SLS Digital Message Centre is a completely unique Message On Hold solution, designed specifically for Single Line Users.

It utilises all of the features incorporated in our best selling DMC Digital Message Centre device, together with an intelligent telephone line switching system.

SLS provides the ONLY solution that is available for Single Telephone Line Users!

SLS incorporates a High Quality MP3 based Digital Message Centre that can play MP3 files of any sampling Rate.

SLS is designed for easy user installation. All you need to do is plug it into any telephone socket on the line (see below).





Model SLS1 Full Single Line Message On Hold solution

Up to 18 separate MP3 based Message Files can be loaded onto the supplied SD Flash Card. If more than 1 MP3 Message is loaded onto the Flash Card, Model SLS1 will play each of them, one after the other, until the last message is played. It will then start the complete process over again from the first message.

Model SLS1: Single line Message On Hold solution
Option: Message Encryption Facility (Model SLS1/E)

Model SLS2 On Hold with Automatic Call Attendant

Our Model SLS2 device provides all of the features of the SLS1 and in addition incorporates an AUTOMATIC CALL ATTENDANT facility. This means that SLS2 can answer calls while you are busy, play a specific Greeting Message to your callers and then place them On Hold until you are ready to take the call.

When more than 1 On Hold Message is loaded onto the Flash Card, SLS2 will play the greeting followed by a different On Hold Message to callers whenever it Auto Answers and they are placed On Hold. This ensures that frequent callers always hear different messages whenever they call in.

Model SLS2: Single line Message On Hold solution with daytime automatic call attendant
Option: Message Encryption Facility (Model SLS2/E)

Model SLS3 On Hold with Automatic Call Attendant and After Hours Announcement

Our Model SLS3 device provides all of the features of Model SLS2 and in addition incorporates an AFTER HOURS MESSAGE facility, which means that a High Quality After Hours Announcement can be played to After Hours callers.

Traditional Answering Machines provide very limited message Quality and Duration. SLS3 provides an extremely high quality announcement of any duration.

Many businesses prefer to provide an ANNOUNCE ONLY message with comprehensive information to their after hours callers. SLS3 provides an ideal solution for this requirement. An Answering Machine can also be connected to SLS3 so that callers can leave a message if this is required.

SLS3 will also count and display the number of Calls that have been received when set to After Hours operation. The LCD screen will display the setting you have selected.

Model SLS3: Single line Message On Hold solution with daytime Automatic Call Attendant, After Hours Announcement and After Hours Call Counter.



Easy Operation


1.   To Place any call ON HOLD - simply press 2 on your telephone and then Hang Up

2.   SLS will provide a short splash ring to your handset to remind you that you have a call on hold

3.   To Retrieve any call ON HOLD - simply pick up any telephone connected to the same line




Easy 5 Minute User Installation

SLS connects to any telephone socket on your telephone line, 
and will work with ALL Telephones connected to the same line.






DMC Encryption PC Software


Our unique Encryption facility is designed to protect your valuable productions from unauthorised use, editing or copying. Also, if you are involved in the Background Music industry, it is now a regulatory requirement that all commercial music MUST be ENCRYPTED.

Encryption is a NO CHARGE option on all Natcomm Digital Audio devices, with the exception of our very low cost DMC device, where the additional circuitry has a cost of $20 per unit (excl GST).

Using Encryption is quick and easy. All you need to do is encrypt your MP3 files using our supplied Encryption program, which takes just a few seconds.

You can Encrypt a single file, or a complete folder of files with a single action. Once your file is encrypted, it cannot be opened, altered or used in any device other than a Natcomm unit which is configured for Encryption.

Similarly, our Encryption devices cannot play standard MP3 files or any file other than those encrypted with our program.

The same Encryption program is used for ALL of our products ensuring standardisation of the processes.






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B0002NRMJW.01._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg SLS-1 Single Line Message On Hold Solution

NZ $399.00

Model SLS-1 : Is the COMPLETE Message On Hold solution for users of Single Telephone Lines !  It incorporates our popular DMC Digital Message Centre with a sophisticated telephone line switch, which can be plugged into ANY telephone socket on the line. Once connected, you can place any Call ON HOLD, from any telephone extension at any time, just as if you were using a PABX system. You can then resume the call from the same telephone or any other telephone on the line.

SLS-2 Message On Hold with Automatic Call ...

NZ $449.00

Model SLS-2 : Has all the facilities of SLS-1 and in addition provides the capability where it can automatically answer incoming calls when you are unable to, play a Greeting Message and then place the call On Hold until you are able to take it. It can even be programmed to output reminder rings at required intervals to remind you that you have a call on hold.

SLS-3 - Message On Hold with Call Attendan...

NZ $499.00

Model SLS-3 : Has all the facilities of SLS-2 and in addition provides an After Hours Announcement facility where it can play a specific message to all after hours callers. An answering machine can also be connected to SLS-3, if you wish to receive messages from your after hours callers. SLS-3 has a 'Touch Switch' on the front panel which allows you to quickly set it for Day Time operation or After Hours operation.