CRU3 - Telephone Call Recording for Any PABX Handset (Standard Version)




Designed For Connection To Any Telephone Handset or Headset

Our model CRU3 is designed to connect to ANY telephone handset (PABX, VOIP or Residential telephone) and also to a PC, to provide for a powerful 'Personal' Call Recording solution.

CRU3 can also be used with a Corded Telephone Headset, instead of a standard Handset.

CRU3's sophisticated circuitry provides exceptional recording quality and flexibility, matched only by much more expensive 'system wide' solutions.

CRU3 is supplied with a User Friendly Windows based CRS PC recording program.

Individual CRU3's need only be used by those staff that require telephone call recording, saving $1000's for the typical user.

Further units can then be fitted as required, in as little as 15 minutes.



CRS Software

CRU-3's User Friendly CRS software will allow you to RECORD and SAVE telephone call recordings as required. You can also inject 'recording tones' into the telephone call, to advise your callers that the call is to be recorded.

The CRS software application loads automatically everytime your PC is powered up and waits minimised in your tool bar for use at any time. 

To start recording a call, all you need to do is to 'click' the CRS box in your tool bar to cause it to display on your screen. You should   then 'click' the Record Icon.

To stop recording, you can either 'click' the red STOP icon or just hang up on the call.

Your telephone call recording is automatically saved in MP3 format (or wav format) and saved in any nominated folder on your local PC or Network. 

These recordings can be individually named or autonamed, together with a time and date stamp.

These files are immediately available for playback on your PC or for email transfer.

If you wish to be able to play the recording, or a previous recording back to a caller, then you should use our CRS4 model which provides for Recording and Playback into a telephone handset.


Installation Diagram


If you wish to inject Call Recording Tones into calls during recording, an additional USB or Serial COM port connection is also required.


Using CRU3 with a Corded Headset


CRU3 can also be used with a Corded Headset. Most Corded Headsets connect to a telephone Handset with the standard 4 pin RJ type telephone plug.

To use CRU3 with a Corded Headset, simply connect the 4 pin RJ type telephone plug to the Supplied Adaptor where the Telephone Handset curly cord would normally connect.

If your Corded Headset uses a 2.5mm or 3.5mm Audio Plug (as used with headphones and earbuds), then a special adaptor will need to be provided at no additional cost.  Please specify at time of order.


Alternative Models

 A range of alternative Telephone CALL RECORD UNITS are also provided by National Communications:

Models CRU1 and CRU2

are designed for recording telephone calls on a normal residential telephone line. They can be connected to ANY telephone socket on the line.

CRU1 - Is supplied without PC software and is suitable for use with many Digital Recorders. CRU1 will automatically connect the telephone call to the Digital Recorder whenever the telephone line is in use. The Digital Recorder must be able to Start Recording upon detection of voice and Stop recording when voice ceases.

CRU2 -  Is supplied with our sophisticated CRS Windows based PC software.  CRU2 can be programmed to automatically record :

  • Incoming Calls only

  • Outgoing Calls only

  • Incoming and Outgoing Calls.

  • Calls as required by the user. Pressing Touch Tone 3 can start recording a call at any time and pressing Touch Tone 4 can stop recording a call at any time.

  • Calling Tones can be injected into all Recoded calls if required.

Note : CRU2 requires connection to a Serial COM port. If a spare COM port is not available, then you will need to use the inexpensive 'optional' USB to Serial adaptor.


Models CRU3 and CRU4 are designed for connection to the curly cord of ANY telephone handset. Calls can be recorded from all telephone lines that the handset has access to.

CRU4 (Professional Version) provides all capabilities of the CRU3, together with the following additional features :

  • Can play an 'Advisory Message' to the other party before recording

  • Can playback the current or previous recordings to the other party

  • Can play MP3 based Audio Files, to the other party, at any time

  • Can Auto Stop Recording when the handset is replaced

  • Has an OPTIONAL Notes facility, which allows you to make, recall and edit notes for each recording


Call Record Unit - Model Selection Table

Model Number Handset Connection Telephone Line Connection Recording Tone Generation Provided with CRS Software Message Announcement And Playback Retail Price Inc GST
CRU1 No Yes No No No $199.00
CRU2 No Yes Yes Yes No
CRU3 Yes No Yes Yes No
CRU4 Yes No Yes Yes Yes


This product is designed to connect direct to ANY telephone HANDSET or a corded HEADSET, to provide for PERSONAL telephone call recording direct to a PC. This method is IDEAL for BUSINESS USERS connected to a PABX Multi-Line telephone system, that need to record some but not all of their telephone calls.


This product is designed to connect direct to ANY telephone SOCKET on a telephone line, to provide telephone call recording for ALL devices connected to the telephone line. This method is IDEAL for SINGLE LINE Telephone Call Recording applications. CRU1 is designed for users that will use a recording device other than a PC.CRU2 is ideal for users that wish to use a PC for recording and sophisticated software is included.


CRU1 connects EVERY telephone call to your attached recording device whenever a telephone call is in progress. CRU2 can do the same but it can also allow for Start and Stop recording control by any telephone on the line, using Touch Tone (DTMF) commands.


This facility allows for the optional input of a Recording Tone into a telephone call while it is being recorded, in order to meet some telephone call recording regulatory requirements. The other means of meeting regulatory requirements is to provide a MESSAGE ANNOUNCEMENT, advising the caller that the call may be recorded (this facility is provided by model CRU4).


CRS is a sophisticated software package written and provided by National Communications with CRU2, CRU3 and CRU4 models in order to allow an attached PC to be used to provide High Quality telephone call recordings. Call recordings are stored in MP3 format on the PC's hard drive or on a network drive. CRS is available as a $50.00 option for CRU1 users.


Model CRU4 allows for optional input of a stored RECORDED ANNOUNCEMENT, immediately prior to recording commencement. Announcements can be recorded by CRU4, or as CRS uses MP3 format, announcements can be professionally prepared. Any number of Announcements can be preloaded into CRS and quickly and easily played to the other party as required. CRU4 also allows for the current call or a previously recorded call to be played into the telephone call.





You can DOWNLOAD a copy of our CRU3 BROCHURE and USER GUIDE  

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CRU3 - Telephone Call Recording for Any PABX Handset (Standard Version)


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