TDU - Talking Display Unit


                 Talking Display Unit




Our TDU TALKING DISPLAY UNIT is a completely solid state (no moving parts) Digital Message player, which is specifically designed for a wide range of interactive Messaging applications.


Typical Applications Include

  • Product Promotion

  • Product Information

  • Message Warnings

  • Any application that requires Accurate, Clear, Flexible Audio Messages



  • TDU uses MP3 technology to provide High Audio Quality

  • TDU has a powerful 8W internal amplifier to provide high Message Output volume

  • TDU has no moving parts to wear out or that require maintenance

  • TDU is designed to automatically restart after any power interruption

  • TDU uses an SD Flash Card to provide for quick and easy message updates


TDU plays its Message as soon as it is triggered by a switch, sensor, PIR movement sensor (as used with security equipment) or other switch based accessory that is connected to it.

Its message can then be output through a speaker attached direct to it, or through an existing distributed speaker system.

Further triggering after the message is complete will cause the full message to play again, or if there are additional messages then the next message will play. Each triggering will cause one message to play. Once all messages have been played, TDU will start again from the first message.

TDU can also be set to automatically trigger at user specified time intervals (from 1 to 254 minutes).

Switches or Sensors can be normally open or normally closed and located up to 100m from the TDU unit, or greater than 100m from the TDU if low resistance wiring is used.

A wide range of 4 or 8 ohm speakers can be used with TDU in order to meet individual customer requirements. Unpowered speakers can be used for localised messaging in small areas. Powered speakers can be used for medium sized areas and amplifiers can be used for large areas.

TDU can be connected to an existing Public Address or existing in store speaker system, when the optional AUDIO SWITCHING UNIT accessory is used. 


Installation Diagrams


Installation details when using a Switch



Installation details when using a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor


Multiple Zone Operation


Up to 12 Switches and Output Speakers can be used with TDU

Up to 12 separate switches or sensors can be connected to the TDU when the MULTIPLE INPUT UNIT accessory is also used (click link for details).

Up to 12 separate speakers can be connected to TDU when the SPEAKER SWITCHING UNIT accessory is also used (click link for details).




Message Update Options

TDU has also been designed to provide you with a wide range of Message Update options, including 'Plug In' Flash Card Replacement, Dial In Modem Update or even Message Update by Email.


SD Flash card or USB Programmer device

TDU uses a postage stamp sized 2GB SD flash card to store its Message(s). This means that message updates can be posted, allowing for quick and easy message changes. The supplied flash card can hold 2000 minutes of CD quality messages or music.

TDU can also be supplied with an optional USB Flash card programmer that will allow message updates sent by email to be quickly and easily transferred to the SD flash card.

TDU is also available with an optional internal high speed Modem which can be connected to your telephone line, allowing for automatic DIAL IN Message Updates.



Allows automatic triggering of TDU at programmable time and date settings. Multiple messages can be stored on the SD card, each with their own specific time and date play settings.

Time Programmable Message option (model TDU/T)



TDU is available with an Internal High Speed Modem option, which allows for direct dial in Message Update. A sophisticated PC Based TDU Control Program is supplied, which will allow you to Automatically Update the Messages of your TDU units at any specified Date and Time. 

Dial In Modem Message Update (model TDU/M)



DMC Encryption PC Software




Our unique Encryption facility is designed to protect your valuable productions from unauthorised use, editing or copying. Also, if you are involved in the Background Music industry, it is now a regulatory requirement that all commercial music MUST be ENCRYPTED.

Encryption is a NO CHARGE option on all Natcomm Digital Audio devices, with the exception of our very low cost DMC device, where the additional circuitry has a cost of $20 per unit (excl GST).

Using Encryption is quick and easy. All you need to do is encrypt your MP3 files using our supplied Encryption program, which takes just a few seconds.

You can Encrypt a single file, or a complete folder of files with a single action. Once your file is encrypted, it cannot be opened, altered or used in any device other than a Natcomm unit which is configured for Encryption.

Similarly, our Encryption devices cannot play standard MP3 files or any file other than those encrypted with our program.

The same Encryption program is used for ALL of our products ensuring standardisation of the processes.


No Charge Option : Message Encryption Facility (model TDU/E)




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TDU - Talking Display Unit


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